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Will Duterte live up to the People’ Protest Votes against Aquino?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Outgoing President Noynoy Aquino has let down the Filipino masses despite his good intentions for the country particularly in the following areas:
– solutions to urban problems in Manila
– Leyte post-Yolanda failure
– no empathy as a leader
– favoring close personal ties
– mass transport inaction
– lack of effective traffic decongestion strategies
– ineffecting flooding infrastructures if there are

On the other hand, Aquino’s successor, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte is decisive on his initial action even before his official reign after the inauguration on June 30, 2016. He reacted opposite to Aquino’s lightheartedness when dealing with OFW’s complaints on bullet-planting operations at the airport. Good cops will be paid more but abusive ones will be toughly dealt with. Corruption, drugs, and crimes will be Duterte’s focus in eliminating but hit the Church for meddling and the media for being biased.

He vowed to attain peace and did not spare the communist party in his administrtaion but warned the Abu Sayyaf Group to stop inhumane acts or be eliminated. In the midst of Filipino migration to earn a living in foreign lands to alleviate difficulty in the daily living back home, Duterte serves as the saviour for all these delimma and despite the “too good to be true” 3 to 6 months leeway, people seems to be forgiving should the impossible happens with only the critics making noise about it. Will Duterte live up to the expactations of his supporters, or will he prove his critics right? Whatever the outcome may be, he’s definitely a breath of fresh air – as the first Bisaya from Mindanao to make it to the presidency!


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