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Will The Extremist Nature of Donald Trump Pave Way To The Evangelized Education System?

Donald Trump

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Donald Trump nominates Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education that would allegedly incorporate the extremist views of radical Christian orthodoxy in the sector’s policy mechanisms. DeVos and husband Dick, the Amway fortune heir, promote education policies as means to “greater Kingdom gain”. She particularly belongs to two family fortunes that helped to create the Christian-related educational belief.

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[VIDEO]: Why the word ‘choice’ is the backbone of the president-elect’s agenda; Adam Housley goes in-depth for ‘Special Report’

Critics Not Happy with President Donald Trump

Critics are not happy with President Trump’s readiness to hand the job of Secretary of Education] to a religious warrior whose ultimate intention is to evangelize public schools into Christianity, says Michelangelo Signorile, Huffington Post’s Gays, and Lesbians editor, according to Alternet.

Hillsdale Connections with DeVos

Hillsdale, that has some connections with DeVos’ family is reputed for gender and identity discrimination. News platforms of the LGBT community reported such incidents. Larry Paul Arnn, president of Hillsdale College is also accused through liberal media for referring to nonwhite students as “dark ones” during a hearing that tackles the adoption of Common Core State Standards.

It is viewed that charter school stream possesses the ideal elements that permit the campaign of classical school integration to redeem American public education. The charter schools created are also a vehicle for evading laws that separates the church and state. Marianne Goodland from the Colorado Independent writes that charter schools have found a legal workaround that lawmakers ignore.

Democratic Party

Advocates for charter schools in the Democratic Party try to convince people that Betsy DeVos is not going to apply her being an extremist. Media reports say that the vouchers which DeVos has campaigned for are a problem, especially at the K-12 level. Well-connected parents can easily get their kids into the best schools. The rest will have fewer choices, outgoing Education Secretary John King discloses as published by Elle.

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Charter School Expansion

Andrew Rotherham of Bellwether Partner wishes that the Trump administration will work on a plan for charter school expansion.DeVos supports the limited state oversight, for-profit charter management. The conflicting views in the Trump administration’s education agenda show no better policy aside from the most extreme change in the nation’s public schools.

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