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Will Filipinos Get this Second Chance with Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Ilocanos Love Ferdinand Marcos the Most

Comelec’s Data on the Marcos Siblings

Ilocos Norte is always in love with the great PRESIDENT FERDINAND MARCOS and his family. In fact, both Bongbong and Imee Marcos got 99.9% of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, and La Union’s votes in previous elections. Plus more or less 90% of Pangasinan’s votes went to them. This is according to the COMELEC 2016 website. Not only in the province of Ilocos Norte but also throughout the Cordillera, Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, and NCR (Metro Manila) in Luzon, Region 8 in the Visayas, and Region 12 and in the province of Sulu in Mindanao. The majority of the voters from these areas are indeed pro-Marcos.

Will Bongbong Marcos Get a Landslide Vote in 2022?

The vast majority of Filipinos in various parts of the country are now aware of the facts. The late President Marcos’ greatness is undeniable. It’s a big possibility that the namesake can easily win the Presidency. That is if he runs for it in the coming election. Will Filipinos get their second chance with the younger Ferdinand Marcos?

It’s a Celebration

The hardships may be too much to bear. Economic recession, massive unemployment, and the rise of mental illnesses to name a few. But it takes only one thing to make all those negativities vanish. It’s “HOPE” that a new leader would finally lead the country into greatness again. Bongbong Marcos is exactly just that. The opposition might disagree but there’s always a time for everything. A celebration is now long overdue.

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2 thoughts on “Will Filipinos Get this Second Chance with Ferdinand Marcos?

  1. I agree, our tasks now is we have to move, stay united and work hard to convince others. Give the Marcoses a second chance to lead this country and fulfilment of our dreams that this nation will be great again. This were the words spoken by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

  2. Ang sarap gunitain ang mga lumipas na ni pangulo marcos ibalik ang bagong lipunan sa bansang pilipinas mabuhay po kayo mga marcos solid leyte &southern leyte

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