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Will you just dump a Rottweiler with broken back?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

When a pet is injured, that’s when the owner is needed the most. Understandably, there are irresponsible owners out there. They are normally people who cannot even take care of themselves. Just wanted a pet as recreation or past time toy. Read this devastating news:

The RSCPA are appealing for information after the dog was found collapsed on the pavement in Bushey Avenue, South Woodford, just after 5pm yesterday afternoon.

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Residents found the dog on the side of the road and reported spotting a black car stop for just over a minute, before driving away.

RSCPA officers attended and found the black-and-tan female dog, thought to be around five-years-old, extremely unwell.

RSPCA inspector Takes Charge

RSPCA inspector Samantha Durrant said: “This poor dog was just dumped by the side of this residential street in a terrible state.

“She was really skinny, with infected eyes covered in pus and so injured she could not stand up. I found out later that she had a broken back.

Lovely dog left to Suffer

“It is difficult to know what would result in such a lovely dog being left in this way.

“Perhaps her broken back was from a road traffic accident which they couldn’t afford to treat and so they dumped her. Or perhaps the injury had been deliberately caused.

“We are extremely keen to find out what happened here, and urge anyone with any information at all to call us on 0300 123 8018, asking for information to be passed to Inspector Durrant.”


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