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Will Senator Pacquiao be Tempted to Fight again if the Price is Right?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bob Arum already announced to the international press that Manny Pacquiao will be leaving the boxing ring behind – now that he has won a senatorial seat. Although there are speculations that it depends on how much money he can get to fight one more time, it was noted overseas that the Philippines needs the full attention of its elected leaders to be able to address poverty and so, Manny is firm in quitting boxing.

The Senator Pacquiao is known for his generosity, he would need some more bulk cash to fund his humanitarian projects. Perhaps another Mayweather fight could help in not breaking his bank account as he gives more means of livelihood to the people?

It is a fact that most athletes can easily feel that something is missing in their life after calling it quits from the sport that they loved the most. Will the boxing hero be tempted into doing it again for a pricey price?


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