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Will the Anti-Marcos Media Dare to Discredit Sandro Marcos?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Being a Marcos is Never a Disadvantage

Ferdinand Alexander A. Marcos III or better known as Sandro Marcos mimics his father’s explaination that being a Marcos is never a disadvantage. In fact, it is an advantage. Although he urges people to look at his credentials and political platform for his quest to be a congressman of Ilocos Norte.

Political Platform for a Congress Seat

Sandro Marcos said that he brings the same brand of Marcos leadership. This is the same as his father and aunt, Senator Imee Marcos. He puts forward a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding process after the pandemic. Strategies for resiliency are also on hand. Plus some moves to make the most of technology for the economy. He will divulge his political platform soon.

Expected Bullying Stunts on Social Media

Online bullying is not new to Sandro Marcos. He can inherit all accusations against his father but they do not affect him. He’s quite used to them. The young Marcos urges everyone to look at his track records and not just his family name. The question is, would the anti-Marcos media dare to malign him? Perhaps to recycle their repetitive propaganda against his grandfather. So, they can only try. But risk the end of their network.

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