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Will the Comelec Adhere to the Supreme Court Petition to Prevent Cheating during Elections?

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

In the recent Facebook live of Atty. Glenn Chong, he announces his letter to the Comelec. This is to allow some safety measures at the Oversees Absentee Voting Centers, precincts and city canvassing outlets. He designs these features to prevent cheating and identify the culprits easily with the necessary evidence and documentation or recording. Chong refers to the Batas ng Balota group petition to the Supreme Court.

YouTube video byAtty. Glenn Chong

[VIDEO]: Senatorial Candidate, Atty. Glenn Chong sent a letter to the Comelec and was referred to the Supreme Court to allow measures against election cheating this May 13, 2019

Overseas Absentee Voting

Atty. Chong requests the Supreme Court not to allow a hidden feeding of the ballots into the VCMs. This can make additions and omission quite handy for the cheaters. He also asks the SC to let the voters photograph their completed ballot forms.

Regional Hubs for SD Cards

The SD cards must not be tampered with or removed from the VCMs secretly for the regional hub collection. It was found out in 2016 that instead of 3 only one signed in some board of election investigator’s reports. This can generate fake results easily.

City Canvassing

The transmission codes for the canvassing system must not be hidden to allow transparency. Based on the experience in 2016 elections, these codes can only be read by IT experts. There’s no way that the public can understand what’s going on unless there’s a decrypted version.

Batas ng Balota Group Supreme Court Petition

In the same way, the Batas ng Balota group sent a petition to the Supreme Court to allow two things during elections. First, making a photograph on the actual ballot must not be prohibited. Net, the results per precinct must be signed by 3 board of election investigators. Not one like the last time.

Chong’s Can Resort to the Congress

Chong swears that once he can gather all evidence on fraudulent activities when he runs for Senator during the May 13, 2019 midterm elections, he will not hesitate to resort to the Congress for the corresponding complaints if ever. Meanwhile, there’s a screenshot of Atty. Liza Marcos’ message to their loyalists. There, Bongbong Marcos’s wife confirms that her husband endorses Chong for Senator indeed. Atty. Chong is very helpful in BBM’s electoral protest. He in fact, made it stronger, she added. Its legitimacy is yet to be verified but it makes sense anyway. The endorsement of Gov. Imee Marcos, sister of BBM is more than enough.

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