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Will the Marcos-Binay COVID-19 Interrogation Work with the DOH?

Marcos-Binay: Vague Coronavirus Info Causes Panic

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Binay hits DOH over slow dissemination of info on COVID-19 cases

Senate Interrogation on the Mishandling of COVID-19

Senator Nancy Binay on Monday criticized the Department of Health’s (DOH) supposed slow dissemination of information regarding the confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

Viber Groups are Ahead of the Coronavirus News

Senator Binay presses of the DOH official why they cannot confirm a local COVID-19 case in an area ahead of time. She at first suspects the local transmission rumor as fake news. Only to find out in the evening that it is exactly the case. A parent of one school is said to be infected thus prompting the establishment to disinfect the whole campus.

The Balancing Act of the DOH Causes Public Distrust

While Binay said she understands that DOH needs to perform a “balancing act” in respecting the privacy of COVID-19 patients and being transparent with the public, she reminded officials that they should make decisions that would benefit everyone. Senator Imee Marcos earlier urges the DOH to be transparent without causing public panic. However, putting the people in limbo drives them to anxiety.

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