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Will the Supreme Court Grant Bongbong Marcos’ Plea Prior to the Elections?

Supreme Court
By: Elena Grace Flores

In the middle of the election anomalies happening overseas that involve the absentee voters working abroad, a group of Marcos loyalists in Baguio peacefully pleads with the Supreme Court to act on Bongbong Marcos’ VP electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo. The said protest is now over 1000 days old.

YouTube video byUNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: VP electoral protest ni Bongbong Marcos, hiniling na desisyunan na ng Supreme Court

Supreme Court Action Needed Prior to the Elections

The Marcos loyalists were in read holding protest banners and chanting; justice for Bongbong Marcos, the real Vice President. This comes as many people became aware of the Comelec’s mishandling of the election processes. Such irregularities allow entities to cheat during the polls in connivance with Smartmatic or the election agency itself.

Pending Resolutions of the VP Electoral Protest

The camp of Marcos patiently awaits the decision of the Supreme Court after the recount in the 3 pilot provinces. These are; Negros Oriental, Iloilo, and Robredo’s bailiwick, Camarines Sur. They must decide if the evidence has probable cause to be able to continue to the rest of the questionable precincts. The former Senator also asks for technical examination in the ARMM region where Comelec itself found that 80% of the voters were fake during the 2016 elections.

Mind Conditioning of the Opposition Not Working

Surveys, news through mainstream media, and Facebook public sentiments control are all in place. However, it is very obvious that the people are coming up with alternatives to express their disappointments over the PET or the slow handling of the Supreme Court with regards to Marcos’ protest. Voters are now very vigilant with the slightest Comelec mismanagement.

The Comelec’s Incompetence in Handling the Election

Social media reports from common voters overseas populate social media pages. There are even videos and images that support questionable processes imposed by the Comelec at the overseas precincts. The UK, Italy, and Hongkong overseas Filipinos workers are seen to be very active on these activities recently.

Initial Street Protest for Marcos’ Return

It is a popular discussion over Facebook groups if and when Marcos would urge his supporters to do a people power-like saga in front of the Supreme Court. Notwithstanding his sister, Imee Marcos’ popularity during the senatorial race overseas and the ever popular president’s support, this is not impossible.

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  1. The Supreme Court must act on this issue fast.. Maybe they can start by replacing the Justice who is handling the case.. It is obvious that he is delaying the recount to favor Robredo over Marcos.. 1000 days is more than enough to decide over the case..

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