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Witnessing Bongbong & Liza’s Love is Healthier than Adding Insult to Jim Paredes’ Injury

By: Elena Grace Flores

Many might be laughing with Jim Paredes’ plight after his video scandal but it is not pure happiness. The president’s joke even went viral on it. However, if one chooses to witness Bongbong and Liza Marcos’ renewal of vows, the magic of the union is contagious. Listen to the once young groom repeats his vows. Marcos said that there was nowhere he would rather be than at the side of the girl in his dreams. After twenty six years of marriage, that has not changed a whit, he added. Just healthier and happier perhaps.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #57: 26th Wedding Anniversary | Bongbong Marcos

President Du30’s Joke

President Du30 slams Paredes at a speech during a campaign rally. He said that the APO Hiking Society singer, who often speaks out against his administration’s policies, has a small penis. This comes just a week after the President boasts in an event in Palawan that his thing impressively points all the way up unlike the latter’s. The singer earlier admits on his blog that the video that shows him masturbating was real.

For the Beautiful’s Touch Only

The President has never shown his private part in a video, but jokes: “I will let other people touch it as long as they’re beautiful. There’s no problem with that. But they can only touch it,” drawing laughter from the crowd. Paredes did not react to Du30’s comments as of this time of writing. He already said that his video was private and not meant for public consumption. The musician apologizes to his supporters and family.

26th Wedding Anniversary

So much for the below the belt comments and criticisms of the scandal, Marcos remains quiet despite the rumors regarding his electoral protest against Leni Robredo. He was recently back online showing his April 17 26th wedding anniversary in Florence, Italy. It was in the same medieval church they married in.

Healthier Lives with a Handful of Close Friends and Relatives

The 21 guests present during the original wedding were again invited to the anniversary celebration. The former Senator can’t help but mesmerize how grateful he is for these people who gave them their precious time. He speaks highly of his sister, Irene also who sings the “Our Father” during his actual wedding.

Forever is Real

Watching the couple go through the ceremony is quite inspiring. Loving each other is indeed real. It’s just a matter of choice and commitment. Marcos is fond of mentioning his wife’s pride wearing the same wedding dress 26 years ago. When people are in love, they remain fit and beautiful. That’s what a healthier Philippines need now.

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