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World Bank and IMF Insurance: How did the Marcos Gold Reach 170 Banks?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Don’t you wonder why President Marcos ’gold went to different countries?

World Bank and the IMF Insurance

The world recession is hard to bear. This could be the outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic. There might be no choice but to have a currency reset back to the gold system. This is beneficial to the Philippines if the last will and testament of the late President Marcos is put into action. A great insurance for the Filipinos’ future and beyond.

Marcos Gold in 170 Banks

Britain’s news conference of 1944 in New Hampshire, USA with former President Carlos P. Romulo as representative seals the world agreement by 44 countries to make the US dollars official. However, the monetary printouts must have an equivalent gold reserve. Other countries do not have gold. Since Marcos had ample gold collection, he lent them to other countries with interest. This is some kind of insurance for the country’s economy. However, in 1971, former US President Richard Nixon changes it to FIAT money. Thus making the value of gold higher.

Can Pay all the Debts

The interests of Marcos’ gold reserves alone from the 170 countries are enormous enough to sustain the country’s development and growth. The former first lady Imelda Marcos once said that the wealth for humanity can pay all the country’s debts plus the world’s deficit. To put Bongbong Marcos in the executive office is the best insurance for Filipinos.

1 thought on “World Bank and IMF Insurance: How did the Marcos Gold Reach 170 Banks?

  1. That Bongbong Marcos will pay all the debts of the Philippines to other countries.
    That he will sustain more developement for the Philippines.
    That he will give help for every Pilipino

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