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World Bank Backing up Philippine Recovery after Typhoon Yolanda

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Capitol of the Province of Leyte, Phi...
English: Capitol of the Province of Leyte, Philippines. The capitol is located at Tacloban City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

38.8 Billion Pesos supplemental budget is needed to rebuild Tacloban that was wiped out by the recent outrage of typhoon Yolanda. This is only for the first 5 priorities – relief supplies, shelter, livelihood restoration, utility services and immediate infrastructure as per Foreign aids are pouring in and the people are asking – where do they all went. Maybe this will help:

Philippines: Timely Reconstruction to Lessen Impact of Typhoon Yolanda—World Bank

By: The World Bank

December 6, 2013WASHINGTON, December 6, 2013 – Timely implementation of the country’s recovery and reconstruction program will reduce the economic and social impact of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and help the Philippines maintain a high growth rate that benefits the poor.

500 million US$ sounds like a lot of money but Philippines need more than that at this point in time. The initial budget of 38.8B is not yet final because what about hospital manpower, medical equipment/facilities and many more to at least counsel depressed victims? Bear in mind also that although Tacloban was badly hit, so as other parts of the eastern region. Hope that many more generous bodies will help out in rehabilitating survivors from their unimaginable trauma – and thanks to all the countries, associations and individuals who are kind enough in contributing to the rebuilding of Tacloban and elsewhere.


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