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Wreckage of MH370 Still Not Found as per Latest Report

By: Elena Grace Flores
Continuing efforts of finding the ill-fated flight MH370 may still go on – but not too much hope can be seen as Malaysian Airlines announces to make advance payments soon to the families of the passengers. They are also being asked to go home but promised to be given updates in the comfort of their very own home. Read the details here:

Malaysia releases report on MH370 investigation, while airline tells families to head home


Malaysian authorities on Thursday released a report on the investigation into the disappearance of Flight 370, which revealed that air traffic controllers did not realize that the plane was missing until 17 minutes after it vanished from radar.

The report clearly discussed about the incompetence of the air traffic controller for realizing that the plane was nowhere to be found after 17 minutes of its actual disappearance. Knowing that it also took four hours from last contact with the plane for Malaysian authorities to conduct the search and rescue operation is also not helping the situation. Many tough lessons learned and definitely a great reminder that life is so fragile!

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