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Wrong Political Move to Run After Hero’s Taxes

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I can’t believe hearing from the taxi driver his disgust over the government in freezing the bank accounts of Manny Pacquiao and his wife due allegedly to over 2 billion pesos alleged unpaid taxes.. The boxing idol of the Philippines announced on TV that he has to borrow one million pesos to fulfill his pledge to donate to the Yolanda victims in Tacloban. Here’s the full news:

Manny Pacquiao’s bank accounts frozen by Philippine authorities in tax row

By: Agence France-Presse in Manila

Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao said on Tuesday authorities had frozen all his domestic bank accounts over allegations of unpaid taxes from lucrative fights in the United States, leaving him financially paralysed.

“This is harassment,” the former eight-division world champion said in an interview on ABS-CBN television, as he disclosed for the first time a freeze order issued by the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue in recent months.

Most of his fights during the peak of his career happened in the United States where the Philippines has a tax treaty with. This is to prevent double taxation on the payer. Since Manny got the income from a foreign source and paid taxes there, why is the Philippine government running after him? Customs, bank fees and remittance charges may already include the tax payments when the award money were transferred locally depending on which method he used for money transfers – but no matter how unclear the speculated tax evasion case is, it is very clear in the eyes of the public who love Manny that the government must be so corrupt and dumb for doing just that!

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