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X-Factor Israel Winner is a Filipino Caregiver

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I Did it My Way as sang by Rose “Osang” Fostanes was as powerful as a blast and she did made a lot of Filipinos proud for winning the X-Factor contest in Israel. She really looked like a Diva on stage with her confidence and great presence of mind and heart. Watch this and hold your breath:

Rose “Osang” Fostanes Winning Song X-Factor Israel Winner

Posted at Youtube by: IdidItKipItUp

It was sad at first that her singing career was hindered by migration technicalities but just recently, she was able to receive her Artist’s Visa to legally work in Israel as a singer. May this will be the beginning of her rewarding singing career for such amazing talent just soothes thriving hearts. Congratulations, Osang!

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