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You Can Cry with the Degree of Support Sass Rogando Sasot Gets from Being Canceled Twice


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sass Rogando’s Speech is threatend with turning the lights and sounds off.

The Degree of Support for Sass

The Church of God doesn’t want me to speak to the graduation of students renting their venue because I am a woman of transgender experience and that I am a BBM supporter, From the Motherland vlogger, Sass Rogando Sasot said. I was double-canceled,” she added. Nonetheless, the degree of support she gets from the audience, tells it all. No one can cancel the majority with unity.

Use Your Life to Change the Fate of Others

Despite being a transgender, Sasot continues to achieve her goals to the highest degree. She advices the graduates to use their life to change the fate of others. That their generation will be better than their predecessors. She has become the voice of likeminded people who face discrimination in the world at large.

Live Your Life

Live your life as a monument of your soul. Courage will let you live the next chapters of your life, she explained. Certainly, living life with a purpose. Nothing as fulfilling as that. Especially when the mojority stand by you and give way for your t speak your words of wisdom. Kudos to Sass.

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