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Youtube and Google Plus Integration for Identification


By: Elena Grace Flores

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Youtube is the most reliable video platform available socially over the internet. I’m not sure what system they used but videos are continually viewed here even if internet is a bit slow. The problem in is, anonymous rude comments are rampant. So, to stop this, a recent move has been implemented which is of course not acceptable to all:

Google Plus Creates Uproar Over Forced YouTube Integration


Google Plus is back in the headlines again, but not for any spike in users or must-have new features. Rather, Google’s social network has now become further entwined in yet another of Google’s properties, YouTube.

People with bogus identities over the net can afford to display bad behavior because no one know them anyway in reality. The said integration is not at all a problem to individuals who are honest about their opinions – but will never attack anyone below the belt. As a blogger and a very opinionated person, I go for this Youtube and Google Plus integration.

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