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The Marcos-Duterte Tandem Floats as Expected for 2022 Elections


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Juan Estoryador

Bongbong Marcos and President Rodrigo Duterte’s Tandem Possible
Congressman Mike Defensor can see clearly that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is very possible for the 2022 elections. He said that both are on good terms. No fights whatsoever unlike other candidates. As per the update of Congressman Winnie Castelo, Bongbong Marcos is their guest of honor in the Malayang QC event where they distributed goods from the likely presidential candidate.

Tandem Made in Heaven Supported by Malayang QC

Senator Imee Marcos already hints earlier that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is a match made in heaven. Bongbong Marcos is the top contender while the president’s daughter is the number one in many presidential surveys. However, Mayor Sara refuses to run. So, his father took the VP post. However, there’s this possibility that a substitution scenario can happen later.

Both Families are Compatible

The Marcoses and the Dutertes are in alliance since 2016. Senator Imee Marcos is a constant companion of Mayor Sara Duterte. While the president himself only has high prases for the Marcos patriarch. He even told the Filipino people in a speech to find another Marcos. Because he cannot solve the problems of the country alone. Now, the Marcos-Duterte tandem floats as expected.

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Why do Biased Media Never Highlight the Real Reasons for ML?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GheLpapz TV

Ferdinand Marcos Imposed Martial Law to Save the Country from Communism
September 21, 1972 was the declaration of Martial Law. Year after year, the alleged atrocities during that time are republished by the mainstream media. They are biased in the sense that they never highlight it’s real purpose and the good outcome. Most of them are repitions of interviews that can discredit Marcos to people who do not know the real story.

Liberal Party Meeting de Avance

The late Ninoy Aquino was not present during the Meeting de Avance of the Liberal Party. Then, the bomb exploded in Plaza Miranda. He’s the top contender of Marcos at that time. It is widely known that he connives with Joma Sison’s communist party. He links them with the New People’s Army or the NPA. So, they can spread terror. And blame the chaos on the President. This is consistent with the reaction of an elderly witness. Therefore, it is best to double-check the truth.

Who’s the Real Dictator?

Aquino’s strategy to destroy the reputation of Marcos was through the media. The same system of the American media’s circulating fake news against China. This is a huge network of oligarchs. They are the real dictators. They want people to hate key figures who can be a threat to their monetary power worldwide. Nonetheless, most people fight back through social media. It’s trending now; Never Again Dilawan!

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The Works of Ferdinand Marcos that are Beneficial to Date but not in History Books

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

All Rights are Respected
The late President Ferdinand Marcos is a patriotic leader. His people, the Filipinos were the priority. He made sure that there’s respect for all rights. No matter what status one is in. This is a big contrast compared to history books. He was demonized by his political enemies. So, it is best to compare notes. Then check the evidence. Stories from the golden era survivors must tally with proof.

Fairness and Justice by the Military

The Dilawans always highlight the alleged atrocities during the martial law period. But why was it proclaimed in the first place? Saving the country from communism is just one of the many reasons. The irony is, Ninoy Aquino was the go-between of the communist party and the New People’s Army. In short, he initiated brutal rebellion and terror. Ferdinand Marcos on the other hand instilled fairness and justice in the military. Therefore, who’s to blame?

Achievement through Reforms

Ferdinand Marcos’ visions are not just on blueprints. They remain beneficial to the country today. He’s on top of everything. From educational to agricultural reforms. There are no other presidents that came close to what he has done. Most of these reforms stood the test of time. The only evidence that his enemies have with revisionism is the history they wrote with media reference only as evidence. Not to mention the court cases with no proper jurisdiction.

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Pacquiao’s Presidential Bid Upsets Robredo’s One-on-One Fight with Marcos

Presidential bid

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

The Opposition’s Presidential Bid Disunity
Boxer and Senator, Manny Pacquiao announces his presidential bid recently with the PDP-Laban Party. Behind him is the notable Dilawan and anti-Marcos, Koko Pimentel. Leni Robredo said earlier that the one-on-one fight with Bongbong Marcos is on if she is the major bet of the opposition. Nonetheless, with Pacquiao’s candidacy, her wish is unlikely to happen. So, the votes for their faction are bound to scatter. Not to mention Senator Ping Lacson’s bid as well. Therefore, it makes Marcos the top contender for the Presidency.

Marcos vs. Robredo

Bongbong Marcos is currently a social media sensation. Most netizens just frown on the alleged history revisionism criticism of Robredo against Marcos. The pandemic opens the eyes of Filipino voters on the Edsa truth. The current plight of the Filipinos can judge better if the Dilawans did well in their two consecutive terms. Now, they want a Marcos back.

Marcos-Duterte Scenario

President Rodrigo Duterte also confirms his VP bid. However, he doesn’t have a running mate yet. A Marcos-Duterte outcome is clearly in the picture. Many speculate that regardless of which party they belong to. Also, the president’s daughter can also substitute him when incapacitated. So, one thing is certain that the alliance since 2016 continues. For the same reason of not allowing the Liberal Party to come back.

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Duterte’s Federalism Support Party is First to Endorse BBM for President


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas
The Federal Party of the Philippines (PFP) formally endorsed Bongbong Marcos as their party’s Presidential bet in 2022. This was at their National Convention held in September 2021. The PFP is a party formed in support of Federalism promoted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Public Service Mandate

Bongbong Marcos knows the mandate of the PFP. He hails them for being careful. Not to deal with any politicking. They are more into public service. And they do that quietly, he said. The party is confident with Marcos. It is a national group. Their youth associations are active. Visionary leaders are also ahead of the game.

No Politicking on BBM’s Endorsement

Any party can endorse a candidate for president. Despite his not being a member of the party. They wanted to nominate him as their presidential bet. However, they cannot do it because he doesn’t belong to the group officially. His positive aura and brilliance in whatever he does make him won the hearts of the people behind PDP. Thus, the endorsement.

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Media Blackout: Don’t Know where Bongbong Marcos is during the Pandemic?

media blackout

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Media Blackout on Bongbong Marcos
The media blackout is the censorship of news related to a certain topic, particularly in mass media, for whatever reason. It was really obvious during the Toni Talks controversy that he is a victim of it. According to the Dilawan media, Toni Gonzaga must not provide him a platform to explain his truth. This is because it’s the opposite of their black propaganda against him.

From PPEs to Tablets

Citizen Bongbong did not stop his public service efforts now that he’s not working in the government anymore. They gave PPEs to the Taal volcano-affected areas even prior to the pandemic. Despite being sick with the Coronavirus, he continues to use his room as a command center to instruct his staff. The BBM camp also distributed tablets to students who cannot afford them. These are essential for their online learning. He also donates goods to community pantries. Not many people knew this because of the media blackout.

Nationwide Travels to Meet Allies

All local visits of Marcos were of course not reported. However, his avid supporters happen to post them on social media. From Cebu to Mindanao and many parts of Luzon. This is why people criticize the mainstream media to feature nuisance figures like former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the unpopular VP with their nonsense statements. With the rise of a popular and fair blogger like Toni Gonzaga, even the subscribers of the Dilawan media can’t help but shout foul to these biased platforms.

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Dilawans Must Learn from Toni Talks’ Host on Fairness

Toni Talks

By: Elena Grace Flores

Toni Gonzaga: People have Stories to Tell
Toni Talks’ host, Toni Gonzaga said that she does not categorize people she interviewed. Her stand is that: People have stories to tell. No matter how good, bad, or cancelled they are, each has a story to share. And we can all learn from them. No matter how bad their stories are.

They are Human Beings

Human beings must be treated with utmost fairness. Regardless of where they are coming from. For a show like Toni Talks, powerful stories matter. Because they are the drivers of its popularity online. Others who have the guts to criticize her must start their own vlog. Then see, if it works for them. Just like Toni Talks.

Where is Democracy amongst the Dilawans

Talking about democracy is one thing but doing it is another thing. Dilawans must walk their talk. If they value democracy then, they should not suppress freedom of expression. Why can’t they allow Bongbong Marcos to air his truth? Is there something they are scared of?

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Who would watch ML victims? Good Shot that Toni Gonzaga is ignoring AM!

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores
by CNN Philippines

Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than Ateneo Museum
The Ateneo Museum representative is an innocent 28 years old. Obviously, he does not know what he’s talking about. The guy can only repeat the black propaganda of his peers. He did not consider journalism ethics. He claimed to be a defender of democracy. But Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than him. Because she interviewed politicians without classifying them.

Ateneo Museum’s Rep is Lying

The AM rep talk about the alleged unfounded atrocities during Martial Law. He said that Bongbong Marcos benefits from it. Being the son of the late President Bongbong Marcos. Naturally, in the interview, he can only share his experiences with the family’s patriarch to Toni Gonzaga. Besides, what does martial law got to do with the son of the president at that time?

Mundane and Entertaining Manner

Toni Gonzaga is a professional in her own rights. She follows the concept and format of her interviews that work. Why does this inexperienced AM man sour grapes on that? Can’t he make his own show work? The statistics tell them all. Therefore, it’s time for him to learn from the smart host of Toni Talks. He should start to act mundane and entertaining. Perhaps, cut his hair too.

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Know the Reason Why Mayor Sara does Not have the Confidence to Run for President

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Mayor Sara Announces that She’s Not Running for a National Post
It’s already all over the news that Mayor Sara is not running for President or Vice President. She announces this after her father confirmed that he is vying for the Vice Presidency. He wants to assist the President with the continuity of his projects, he said. The Presidential daughter added that she made this decision because of the agreement with her father.

The People’s Welfare Over Personal Interest

The President undermines his daughter’s leading the Presidential survey. He stresses that he does not want the same trouble he went through for his daughter. According to a foreign psychic, Mayor Sara does not have the confidence to seek the highest post because she does not have the support of her father. As everyone knows, President Rodrigo Duterte wants Bongbong Marcos as his successor. Thus, the decision of his daughter.

A Marcos can do the Job Better

The scenario can still change as the election is fast approaching. Marcos can definitely do the job better because of his family history and track record. The Marcos-Duterte tandem is a match made in heaven according to Senator Imee Marcos. This can still happen. Up to this moment, Marcos does not have a party yet. President Duterte does not have a running mate either. In the event of his incapacity during the elections, his daughter can also substitute for him. So, be it.

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Prophecy: The Country Prospers as soon as Bongbong Marcos becomes President in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

A Prophecy for the Next Philippine President
Rosa Montague is a foreign psychic. She’s also a mind reader and clairvoyant for almost 50 years. Montague also gets political vibrations aside from giving healing techniques. Her prophecy for the upcoming Philippine elections gives hopeful Filipinos the goose bumps. Bongbong Marcos will win as the 17th Filipino leader.

Elections 2022

Montague talks about a man with a family that is influential. He was in the position before. There are attempts to derail his leadership efforts. But according to her prophecy, the efforts to block him are from the inside as well as the outside. Financial issues now are temporary. The resolution in the future for the country relies on the light of truth. The wrongdoing in the past was necessary for a strong foundation in the future.

Legal and Financial Agreement after the Big Change

There are two female characters and a powerful male who are in the scenario. Plus a younger man who is a menace. The son and namesake of Ferdinand Marcos will run for President. Montague’s prophecy is that he will win. A financial agreement for the country is set that is legal. This will make the country prosperous when Bongbong Marcos becomes president. The release of the Last Will and Testament of his father is about to happen, she said. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos has the most beautiful energy, she added.