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1Sambayan is a No Match to Sara Duterte-Marcos-Duterte

Sara Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores
by PH Latest

Marcos-Duterte-Marcos Demographic Strength
The opposition’s list of nominees for the two highest positions in the country came out on June 12. This coincides with the Philippines’ Independence Day. Chel Diokno, Senator Grace Poe, and Vilma Santos-Recto for the first three. Leni Robredo, Antonio Trillanes IV and Eddie Villanueva also follow. However, former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem is just too strong for them demographically speaking! Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is certainly the best pair of Bongbong Marcos.

The Presidency can’t be Inherited

Nothing can compete when the bets from the North and the south unite. This is the case of a Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem whoever the president may be. Mayor Sara Duterte can run as president. Although it does not mean that she inherits the presidency. It’s because she has to win majority of the votes to become president. Nothing like the royal hierarchy.

Marcos as President

Bongbong Marcos as president is ideal. Although Sara Duterte can slide down to VP after the election. However, this may cause negativity among voters. It’s best to just run accordingly. Marcos as president and Sara Duterte-Carpio as Vice President is more likely to be the case. So, 1Sambayan can certainly go straight to the trash.

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