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4,000 Drug Abusers Surrendered but NO Rehab?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
More than 4,000 drug pushers and abusers surrendered to authorities and gathered in Tagum auditorium in Davao where President Rodrigo Duterte came from to comply to the President’s call to surrender or get killed. This is labeled as the biggest surrender so far since the president started his war on drugs campaign. They have done this obviously due to fear of dying in the hands of the police – but so far, no rehab in store yet.

As visuals of murdered drug fatalities flooded social media and TV screens, drug abusers are driven by families to do a voluntary surrender to preserve their lives. However, they will be monitored only since prison facilities will not be enough if the trend continues.

There were no indications of contingency plans on the rehabilitation of these drug abusers but responsible families should send the drug addict in the family into a rehab facility. Here’s the link to DOH’s accredited rehab centers:


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