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A Birthday Tip: Bongbong Marcos’ Discipline and Borgy Manotoc’s Gorgeous Body

By: Elena Grace Flores

Just prior to the April 9 birthday of Gov. Imee Marcos’ son, Borgy Manotoc, Bongbong Marcos releases his video about healthy mind and body. Marcos said that sports are not just about games. They teach us the importance of sacrifice, discipline, and camaraderie. To do well in sports is to do well in life, he added. At 36 years old, Borgy’s gorgeous body would not be so as a motel if not because of his discipline and determination. Nevertheless, his mom who runs as Senator for the May 2019 midterm election can only ask when would he get married. Perhaps, this is now the new trend for successful men in today’s world.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #56: A healthy mind in a healthy body | Bongbong Marcos


The whole nation is the witness of how successes come about to the Marcoses. Despite the false criticisms against them worldwide, they play by the rules. Now that it’s one election away from their coming back to power, discipline plays a great part in it. For one, the former Senator never uses harshness or violence to get back the VP post allegedly stolen from him during the 2016 elections. This is indeed a total sacrifice and merely trusting faith to take its toll.


There might be groups that are trying to destroy the alliance between the Marcoses and the Du30 administration. However, it’s their discipline that drives their quest for a return forward. They trust that the President as constitutional as he can be would finally exercise the political power to finally resolve the 2016 election fraud that denies Marcos the Vice Presidency. It is evident in their patience as the line of succession is put into place. Not by media propaganda but by the lawmakers who are responsible with it.


The old staff of the Marcoses can attest how they preserve camaraderie in their households and workplaces. This is the reason why most Filipinos still admire or even love them. Their positive character can only be the result of the many trials they have been through. Their constituents would always be loyal because of the extent of their public service provisions.


Borgy, who is a shopping and cooking buddy of his mother can only prolong his single blessedness. Like many desirable men his league, there’s no point rushing into marriage when you are already doing your purpose in life. That kind of union may not be for everybody but when it happens, it better be a good one.

The End Results

As per the common predictions, the Marcoses are instrumental in the success of the nation. Bongbong Marcos for one is closer to his destiny to lead the country. The detractors won’t make it easy for him but if nature dictates, no man can stop it. The people can only trust and make the utmost effort for unity to exist. After all, a prosperous Philippines can only materialize when the people are one.

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