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A Dictator Could have Dispersed EDSA in A Bloody Way


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Nhel Hernandez

Ferdinand Marcos: Disperse the Crowd without Shooting Them
Leni Robredo and her cahoots always call the late President Ferdinand Marcos a dictator. This is to discredit his son, Bongbong Marcos’ presidential election bid in 2022. It was clear that during the alleged EDSA revolution, Marcos firmy ordered General Fabian C. Ver to disperse the crowd without shooting them.

General Ver argued with Marcos

The head of the military loyal to president Marcos argued with him. That they cannot keep on withdrawing their forces. However, the Minister of Defense at that time, the good former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile stood by the President’s order. A dictator could easily disperse EDSA in a bloody way. However, his love for the Filipinos was greater than his intention to remain in power.

EDSA was Bloodless because of Marcos

It was massive media propaganda that the EDSA revolution was a bloodless one because of the nuns. Even Bongbong Marcos did not understand at that time, why his father chose not to harm the people who turned against him. But that became a relevant lesson to him. That Filipinos must come first. Regardless of their family’s fate. See who really are the dictators with their actions.

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