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A New People Power is About to Happen in Bringing Back a Marcos to Lead the Country

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bagong Lipunan

[VIDEO]: The Anti-Marcos realized their Mistakes.

Heart and Political Will of Marcos

Most anti-Marcos activists realized their mistakes of supporting the late Corazon Aquino to the presidency in 1986. They said that Ferdinand Marcos has the heart and political will in governing the country. They wish to bring back a Marcos in the 2022 elections. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. has the support of majority of the Filipinos.

San Juanico Bridge and More

The black propaganda always accuses Marcos as a thief. Needless to say, during the time of the Aquinos, the foreign debts multiplied without any projects. In the case of Marcos, the San Juanico bridge is still a necessity at this time. Plus his other infrastructure projects. No other president after him did as much as him for the service to the Filipinos.

BLISS Housing Project

How could one turn his or her back to Marcos in 2022 if he or she lives in Imelda Marcos’s provision? The BLISS housing project of the former first lady gave security to long-time residents of many areas. So, her son Bongbong Marcos as he is fondly called is expected to have a landslide win. As many Filipinos are already awakened from the nightmares made by the Dilawans.

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  1. Do not forget the Sapang Palay Relocation, Dasmarinas Bagong Bayan and GMA na dati relocation site sa Carmona, Cavite. Iyan ang mga malawakang pabahay sa mga squatters ng Maynila na ginawa sa panahon ni Marcos.

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