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A Presidential Aspirant is Desperate to Ride on BBM’s Popularity through Real Estate Tax Issues

estate tax

By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Mayor Isko Moreno’s Party Challenges BBM to Pay his Alleged 200 Billion Estate Tax

200 Billion Estate Tax

Aksyon Demokratiko, Presidential Aspirant Isko Moreno’s political party challenges Bongbong Marcos anew. They said that he must pay the almost 200 Billion Pesos estate tax. Experts can immediately sense a propaganda when the figure is exaggerated.

BIR’s Duty

Nonetheless, after the news, the desperate political party will leave the issue with the BIR. But they want BBM to answer such allegations. However, Marcos’ spokesperson said that the issue is still under litigation. So, they must wait and see.

An Election to Win

Atty. Vic Rodriguez calmly answered in an ambush interview. They have a campaign to operate and an election to win. The Bongbong Marcos lawyers certainly would not let any loopholes to come against his future presidency. Let alone the real estate propaganda. Once everything settles down, the allegation will die with it.

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