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A Tiktoker Testifies that He’s a Victim of False Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth Info in School

ill-gotten wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores


Hearsays are in the Text Books against Ferdinand Marcos
Young Filipinos born in the digital age can always seek the truth. Those who can sense the difference between what they learned from school and from actual testimonies can easily search for some information online. They can compare notes in printed textbooks with the actual evidence. The alleged ill-gotten wealth of the late president Ferdinand Marcos is an example.

Mere Photocopies as Evidence

A Tiktoker asked; Why is it printed in textbooks that Ferdinand Marcos amassed billions of ill-gotten wealth? Only to be cleared of corruption after more than 30 years. Besides, the basis of the accusations were just mere photocopy documentations. Never some sort of convictions. The calculations of his wealth were also only based on their salaries as public servants.

Junked Court Cases are the Real Evidence

The headline common nowadays is; The Sandiganbayan clears Imelda Marcos of Ill-gotten Wealth cases. This says it all. Even if no media could clarify the ones stated in the educational textbooks, the youth can immediately sense that they were brainwashed. In fact, there are no more cases of this sort pending in court.

1 thought on “A Tiktoker Testifies that He’s a Victim of False Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth Info in School

  1. I am happy that there lies true information behind the lies of them who orchestrated the brain washing. Try digging deeper in YouTube. And thank you young blogger….

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