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A Worthwhile Reason for Senator Imee Marcos to Escape the Senate


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Happy birthday, Atty Larry Gadon!

Escaping the Senate

Senator Imee Marcos announces with excitement that she’s making the most of the day by excaping boring proceedings at the Senate. She opts to join Atty. Larry Gadon’s birthday party instead. The tough-talking lawyer is not only a long-time Marcos loyalist but he is also the Marcos family’s great defender. The senator’s presence is definitely worth the while. Escaping the Senate during idle times should not be a big deal.

Ageless Loyalist

Atty. Gadon is definitely worth Senator Marcos’ escape from the Senate because of his dedication to educating people as to what really the truths are when it comes to the Marcoses. For one, he is very vocal in explaining the controversial issues on the Senator’s educational credentials. His visibility on social media made him an efficient speaker for the Marcos family. No one can explain things better than him because of the direct knowledge and his exceptional personality. Marcos avoids mentioning his age because he is ageless for them.

Celebrating Life’s Events

There are many things that are more important than work. Although money is essential to sustain the needs of daily living, there must be a balance between work and personal tasks. One can’t be happy nor successful if the balance is off. Like what Steve Jobs implies on his death bed – that relationships with friends and family members matter the most.

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