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Abby Binay: Intensifies Public Services in Makati and looks back on AMLC’s Accounting for Dummies (alleged) that Misleads the Public

accounting for dummies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mayor Abby Binay’s young looks might be deceiving. But her wit and intelligence show that she’s not only the well respected Mayor of Makati but a good lawyer at that. Public services as usual are enhanced prior to anything else as the Binay trademark.  See how clear she clarifies with ANC the difference between hearsays and facts. Equipped with legal proofs, not sure why most people chose to believe the gossips.

[VIDEO]: Mayor and Lawyer Abby Binay explains how AMLC came up with billions of money adding up all transactions for the election campaign from contributors. They are contrary to all public documents like SALN and ITR because the lump sum is not her father’s.  The SOCE is the right venue for it.

Accounting for Dummies (As prosecuting senators  allegedly call them)

Gerry Limlingan and Barloloy are close to the Binay family. Limlingan for one is Abby’s wedding godfather. That did not make them Jejomar Binay’s dummies. Limlingan is into stocks investments. He’s very capable of generating wealth. Whereas Barloloy is not a billionaire at all. That’s all Abby knows. They must be cross-examined directly to get right answers for inquiries. The senate  made people believe that they disappeared. AMLC’s divulging all figures and totaling them without proper classifications misleads the public.

Declared in the SOCE

She confirmed that her father and Gerry Limlingan, a businessman and alleged dummy of the vice president, have joint accounts in the amount of PhP221-million in Banco de Oro (BDO) and Metrobank that were fully disclosed in the vice president’s income tax return (ITR) and statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE).

Joint Accounts for Campaign Transactions

Binay stressed that there was nothing wrong on his father opening of joint accounts with Limlingan in 2009 that were used to manage his father’s campaign finances in 2010 presidential polls.

‘’Yes. But that account only pertains to the campaign funds during the 2010 elections. The account was put up in 2009, prior to the elections,’’ she said. “Limlingan opened a joint account with my father. If you see all the transactions, it was Limlingan who conducted business with the banks.”

Mind Blowing AMLC Figures Poisoned Minds

The AMLC said the joint accounts transferred dollar funds from a local bank to several banks in Canada from 2013 to 2014 in the amount of US $43,000, $35,000, and $45,000.

In a separate account belonging to Limlingan, the AMLC noted bank transfers were also made to a Canadian bank amounting to $20,000, $73,000, and $51,000.

In either joint or individual accounts of Binay and Limlingan, the AMLC monitored transactions of $330,000, $250,000, and $317,000 — and deposits and withdrawals that amount to more than P3.5 billion from 2008 to 2014.

Giving back to her Constituents the Success of Makati

Hospitals, health centers, medicines, utilities, schools, safety and secrity were priorities during the mayor’s initial month in office. Next will be aiding traffic enforcers with lapel cameras and public areas will soon be Wi-Fi ready. Flood control constructions are also evident in most areas. Binay says that the city continues to plan enhancements wherever its necessary to gain back Makati’s status just before Pena’s short reign. The very reason why sensible Filipinos will not just give up the Binays.

Why I am not giving up on Jojo Binay

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