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Alkaline Water Balances Acidity in the Body

By: Elena Grace Flores
The normal or balance PH level for healthy consumption is 7. Lesser than that represents the level of acidity which are called toxins. They are the main cause of human diseases. Higher than 7 is also good to balance the acidic intake. Bottled Alkaline water that is essential to balance such acidity is not yet widely distributed in the Philippines. However, there are water devices that can be bought and installed for healthier lifestyle.

Sweets and carbohydrates in general will turn into acids when processed internally but vegetables give out higher Ph level. They will balance the acidity in the body when consumed together with toxins such as alcohol, artificial sweeteners like in sodas or soft drinks and dairies.

Mind you, popular bottled water available in supermarkets these days are even more acidic than alcohol or gin in particular. If you are deciding to change your water system, it is best to switch to Alkaline producer not just for drinking but for all the water you use for your body. This will give you more energy and tougher protective shield against diseases!

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