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America’s Debt: How did the Marcoses end up in Hawaii Instead of Paoay?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: The kidnapping of the Marcoses

America’s Debt

It is not Bongbong Marcos who has a case in the US. Such accusations were just for black media propaganda. America’s debt that must be paid was their connivance with the late President Cory Aquino. They accused his father, Ferdinand Marcos, the great of cheating in the snap election. And tricked the Marcos family into going to Hawaii instead of Paoay during the Edsa mutiny.

The Kidnapping

The debt of betrayal by the Americans cannot be paid by money. Generations of Filipino lives sufferred because of their interferrance. Upon the order of Aquino, Uncle Sam did the utmost move because they do not want a nationalistic leader to lead the oountry towards independence. They will lose control as a super power.

Nationalistic President

Just like his father, Bongbong Marcos and President Rodrigo Roa Duterte are nationalistic presidents. They prioritize the welfare of the Filipino masses above all. Their independent policy hinders superpowers from influencing vital decisions of the administration that affects the world. National Security, Foreign Policies, and more are some of the delicate issues concerning this matter.

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