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Andanar’s Duterte-Jesus Comparison Confirms Idolatry?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s bad mouth, Presidential Communications Office head Secretary Martin Andanar still compares him to Jesus Christ. This is an act of idolatry in some sort.

Idolatry results to the Iglesia ni Duterte Phenomenon

Andanar likens his meeting with Duterte when Jesus met the fishermen who became his apostles at Galilee. Andanar was humbled when asked to lead the Presidential Communications Office.

Gratefulness is far from Idolatry

It is good to be grateful but praises resulting to idolatry is another story. Andanar apparently refers to Matthew 4:18-19 of the Bible. It recounts how Jesus met fishermen Simon and his brother Andrew. He  asked them to follow him. They were Jesus’ first disciples.

Is Andanar practicing Idolatry?

What is idolatry? Idolatry is the worship of an idol or a physical object or being as a representation of a god. Perhaps when protecting and prasing Duterte even if he displays bad manners or judgements could be a sign of worshipping him. For sure, it’s not the intention of Andanar. Just perhaps grateful of the trust given to him by the President.

Daunting Role for Andanar

Andanar imagines himself as a volunteer, giving advice here and there. He does some useful things for the President. After all the have worked so hard to get elected to the post. But he did not expect to be assigned to the daunting role he ended up with.

Not God-like but Trustful

Andanar looks ar the president as someone who assigns people to do things they never imagined themselves capable of doing beforehand. He invests so much trust in the people he works with. He also expects them to exceed expectation.

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