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Angela Duckworth – Don’t rely on talent, learn and grow more

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Angela Duckworth explains that what we accomplish in life depends on our grit — our passion and perseverance for lifelong success. We should not be obsessed with our talent and instead strive to learn more because that way, we grow more. This is not only applicable in personal life but also in our livelihood.

What Angela refers to as grit is the ability for someone dedicated to learning a skill or chasing a goal to keep at it over the long haul and not give up before realizing its fulfillment. It’s this combination of passion and perseverance for long-term goals that determines the quality and quantity of the effort spent — more so than the ease and quickness of so-called talent. Click here for the podcast:

According to the Art of Charm: “It didn’t entirely surprise me, because that’s what grit is supposed to predict,” says Angela, “but it ended up being really a pretty astoundingly reliable predictor. We’ve collected data at West Point nearly every year since we started that study, and though attrition rates shrink at West Point year on year — in other words, more cadets are staying and fewer cadets are leaving from Beast Barracks training — grit tends to reliably predict who will stay.”


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