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Anne Curtis as Dyesebel?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Dyesebel is the Philippine mermaid in local fantasy stories and most actresses who played the role on television were the “good girl” type. It is still fresh from the public’s mind the recent incident involving Anne Curtis who got drunk one night and displayed her “brat” character. That’s why it was surprising that the new Dyesebel for 2014 is no other than Anne Curtis. However, people are forgiving although not necessarily forgetting. The important things is, she has incorporated her own personality in Dyesebel – now the glamorous mermaid! Watch this:

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Maybe, the unfortunate incident involving Anne Curtis was just an isolated case. All of the people working with her attested for her being patient and nice to work with. On top of that, she has transformed into one beautiful, magical and lovable mermaid – the moment she puts on her mermaid tail. Once again, we have a new Dyesebel in the person of Anne Curtis!

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