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Anti-Drug Campaign: The Las Pinas City Chorale “Wala Lang” Concert Nurtures Talents

Las Pinas City

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In observance of the Holy Week, it is a must to look around the community and see opportunities where people are nurtured. The high number of illegal drug surrenderees is overwhelming. It is speculated that there’s a drug addict in each family. The President can’t do everything to solve it. Each citizen has a part to play. Take the case of the Las Pinas City Chorale.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Local governments and communities are better off supporting choir groups for all ages to beat drug addiction like the Las Pinas City Chorale.

Initiated by the Mayor

Under the initiative of Mayor Imelda Aguilar, the audition of the members of  Las Pinas City Chorale took place in November 2016. The pioneers were then selected practicing regularly without pay – although snacks are provided by the mayor. The members purely want their talent nurtured without expecting rewards. They have their own different careers from teacher to IT specialist.

Community Involvement

In their very first concert entitled “Wala Lang,” the community’s Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Chapel was the venue. This is where family members and friends of the choir were invited to listen to their repertoire. It was a solemn but with a twist of comedy that was also attended by villagers and officials from the sponsoring Homeowners Association and the local government.


The choir’s repertoire is divided into two sets. Each song portrays a message of love, may it be divine or romantic. Featured in the video is the song “Hanggang” with Bass soloist Noe M. Morgado. Tenor melody Lyco S. Acosta stands out when he did “Hindi Kita Iiwan” with the group. It is a creative inter lapping with “On My Own” by another versatile tenor, Helene Marygrace Z. Yancha. Indeed, the icebreaker of the concert that made the audience laugh.

Distinct Talent

It is amazing how each one of 16 members together with Choirmaster, Jeff Miranda, and Ronnel E. Verdeleon has distinct talent that cannot be mistaken by another. Most of them if not all get to be the soloist in the line up of 15 songs. Parents can only be so proud watching their sons and daughters doing worthwhile activities that nurture the spirit during their scarce free time since they are all working. They do deserve a break. Perhaps, replicated in other areas as an activity with a purpose for each community helps to revive hope within the human race.

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