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Why Do Anti Martial Law Activists Support Bongbong Marcos, like Binay?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Jojo Binay is known to be an avid supporter of Bongbong Marcos, before, during and after the election where the latter ran for Vice President but lost to Leni Robredo amidst fraud allegations – despite being a human rights lawyer during martial law days. He is not alone in this kind of situation. Former anti-martial law activists who participated in the ouster of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. are now appealing to the public — to move on from issues of the past. Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos, labor leader Terry Tuazon, Cocofed Chairman Efren Villasenor, and Born-Again Bishop Butch Belgica expressed support for the vice presidential bid last election.

He also said that three decades already passed with two presidential terms of the Aquinos but justice has not been served yet for many. So, it is not anymore the fault of the Marcoses. Tuazon, a unionist during martial law, for his part even admitted that he was impressed with Marcos’ labor platforms. Villasenor also noted that it was the senator who backed their position over how the coco levy fund is to be used and ensured that this will benefit coconut farmers throughout the country. Bishop Belgica added that the senator is the most qualified to become vice president and will become an asset to the winning president, because of his long experience in handling local government.

Marcos was pleased to hear that these former anti-Marcos activists expressed their support for him despite the negative media propaganda against him and his father. All of them agreed to Binay that there has been no administration that performed better than the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ government especially after the Edsa Revolution in 1986 – and the Aquinos are the worst ever leaders that the Philippines ever got.


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