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Aquino-Marcos like a Sibling Rivalry: Truth makes Binay Supports Bongbong Marcos

Sibling rivalry

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The roots of the Aquino – Marcos feud can be traced back to former President Ferdinand E. Marcos and ex- Senator Benigno Aquino or Ninoy’s time. They were closed friends. Almost like brothers. Until political standings made them go against each other. No compromise even for old time’s sake.

[VIDEO]: Video shows how former human rights activist, Jejomar Binay turns to Bongbong Marcos after being dismayed by the Aquino administration. Binay suffered the same media propaganda ruins as the Marcos family during last election.

Sibling Rivalry – Like Feud Continues to this Date

The conflict between the two families is evident when Benigno Simeon Aquino III swore publicly that he will do everything he can to block the return of a Marcos in the country’s top office. He even went as far as talking to the Vice President Jejomar Binay to stop Bongbong Marcos from becoming the Vice President. Binay instead told Pnoy; let the people decide. Then campaigned for Binay-Bongbong tandem instead. Of course with the blessing and support of his running mate, Senator Gringo Honasan. It’s like sibling rivalry once more because Binay was like an adopted son of Cory.

Binay and Corazon Aquino’s Closeness

Since the 1987 EDSA revolution that toppled the strongman, Ferdinand Marcos – Binay was a close confidante of then President Cory. Binay was aware of the forecast of a Chinese fortune teller that the son of Cory will bring chaos to the country. He was also a witness when Cory said; “Let the people suffer – so that they will hate the Marcoses”.

Binay Served Pnoy

Since Binay became mayor of Makati under Cory Aquino’s administration, he continued his alliance with the son, Pnoy. He became his Vice President. As diplomatic as he is, he tried to always neutralize their disagreements. He ventured into helping OFWs, influence developments in Makati sister cities, do whatever he can for the housing projects of the masses – making do of the President’s minimal budget allocations. Often his proposals were rejected.

Enough is enough

The name Jojo Binay is noted for public service. He will not become a politician if not because of this. It’s always people first before own interests for him. Then in the final year of his term, he decided to part from the Aquino administration. Citing the reason that they no longer share the same principle in prioritizing the needs of the people first. He became Pnoy’s greatest critic after resigning from the cabinet. He criticized the negligence of the administration of public service provisions, infrastructure, utilities and more.

Media Propaganda

The destruction of the older Marcos through media propaganda is very familiar to Binay. They are using the same character assassination strategy to destroy his chances of becoming President. Nevertheless, it’s not the ultimate goal of Binay. He was driven to strip the reigning Liberal Party with the power that he thinks they abuse. Thus, the emergence of the Alliance of the Opposition. It was the Duterte-Santiago-Binay endorsement for Bongbong Marcos.

Marcos for Vice President or President

Binay’s campaign strategist and kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon was the main supporter of the witnesses for the dirtiest digital election ever last May 10, 2016. He accompanied witnesses to the senate testifying against the winning Vice President Leni Robredo and her party. She actually did not cheat directly. They alleged that the anomalies were done by the Liberal people but their efforts benefitted her.People awaits the ruling of ¬†PET on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest.

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2 thoughts on “Aquino-Marcos like a Sibling Rivalry: Truth makes Binay Supports Bongbong Marcos

  1. And due to that family differences, the Filipino people suffered. The economy became stagnant. Ordinary Filipinos were nailed down to their poverty line of life . Oligarch people were the only enjoying as they became more richer by taking advantage of their influential stance in the society while the poor became more poorer. Average people were nailed down. It’s only in the Philippines where you can see citizen who are super-billionaires with other citizens almost dying in hunger.

  2. It seems that it comes to one to realize and ask the question that ” Is this all there is of Life “? One begins to see something larger than one’s own existence and so driven to explore serving the interest of the people of a country. This I think what came to the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos to enter politics after WWII. And the rest is history, as we say! What sayeth, Dude?

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