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Attorney Glenn Chong Laughs at the Evidence on BBM’s Disqualification Petition


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Atty. Larry Gadon defends BBM on alleged non-filing of tax case.

The Guinness World of Record cannot be Used as Evidence

Attorney Glenn Chong assures the people that the disqualification petition of BBM can only go to waste. First, the Guinness World of Records can’t be used as evidence. It mentions that Ferdinand Marcos is the most corrupt. Rappler said that Marcos lied that he is fit to run as President. He is allegedly a criminal.

From the View of an Attorney

The CA acquits BBM of failure to pay taxes. But it convicts him for non-filing. However, there’s no imprisonment penalty by the CA. It’s because he was not allowed to come back to the country. Only to pay the Php 30,000 fine. So, moral turpitude does not apply. On top of that, all martial law accusations are irrelevant. It is simply because he’s not on trial but his father. Besides, the inheritance can’t be under BBM’s tax liability without proper documents. Therefore, floating figures are irrelevant, Attorney Chong stressed.

Plain, Simple Black Propaganda

The Guinness World of records based on the late President Cory Aquino’s presidential decree plus floating figures of estates is not valid evidence in court. The effort of these civic groups is made only to create a stir. A plain and simple black propaganda. This is just to discredit BBM’s reputation. So, the biggest revenge is to vote for him as president in the 2022 elections, Attorney Chong said.

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