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Attorney Trixie: No Policy against Holding a Family Get-Together at Malacañang Palace


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ 93rd Birthday Celebration at Malacañang Palace

Attorney Trixie on Get-Together Policy

Press secretary Attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles said that there’s no policy against holding a birthday party at Malacañang Palace. This is after some media floats that there are people who think that they are celebrating extravagantly at the expense of the people. The birthday celebration of the Presidential mother, Imelda Marcos is a family affair. They would surely follow if there is already a policy in place against that.

A Family Get-Together

Aside from Attorney Trixie, Senator Imee Marcos, the Presidential sister also said that it was just a family get-together. They had merienda and guests bring in food. The entertainment renderings were also courtesy of the well-wishers. So, they are all free. She claimed to have her birthday party there also when she was a child.

Gifts and Outfits

Sometimes it’s ridiculous how a media report would describe attendees of Imelda’s party as dressed to the nines. When they look normal for such occasion. Painting as a gift for them is also extravagant. The venue with an old chandelier is ancient but for critics it’s something else. Clearly their way to discredit the Marcoses.

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