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Attorney Trixie vs. Isko’s Bluff: Alleged 203 Billion Estate Tax Issue is Fooling Innocent Filipinos


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Isko Moreno is Riding on BBM’s popularity on the Estate Tax issue

Attorney Trixie on the Marcoses’ Estate Tax Issue

Attorney Trixie explained that BBM is not a tax evader. The issue takes a long time now. It’s noted that the Marcoses gave a go ahead signal to execute on the properties of the late President Marcos according to the SC resolution. The estate tax is supposed to be taken from the estate. Not from the heirs or administrators.

Creating Intrigues

The estate tax intrigues are designed to make the people believe that BBM is an irresponsible people. This is some kind of character assassination. Not a real BIR isue. They know that many people are not knowledgeable about estate tax. So, they took advantage of it.

Riding on the Estate Tax Issue

Attorney Trixie clarified first and foremost as to who would benefit from BBM’s attacks over the Marcoses’ real estate issue. Since he’s the most popular and leading presidential candidate, his opponents would try so hard to ride on it. That’s clearly what Mayor Isko and the rest are doing. They clearly malign not just BBM but the innocent Filipinos as well who are clueless about such legal matters.

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