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Atty. Bruce Rivera to Robredo: Unfair UP and Princeton Treatments to Imee Marcos Made Her More Successful

Imee Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

A fellow UP product, Atty. Bruce Rivera defends Imee Marcos from the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo’s bitch-talking over her radio program. He said that graduate or not from UP or Princeton, the governor is more successful than any summa cum laude like Hilbay or magna cum laude like him. Considering that her family’s humiliation due to black media propaganda drags on for over 30 years.This is after Robredo accuses Marcos of lying despite her own very notable reputation of being a great liar herself. z

YouTube video by Rappler

[VIDEO]: Otso Diretso to Bulacan youth: Will you vote for somebody who lies about college degrees?

Otso Diretso is Straight to the Loo Because of Imee Marcos

The opposition senatorial candidates hit administration bet, Imee Marcos. Like Robredo, they also accuse her of lying for saying that she graduates from Princeton University and the UP College of Law. Former solicitor general Florin Hilbay was first to take a swipe against Marcos. Someone runs yet lies about her diploma, Hilbay announced. Veteran election lawyer Romy Macalintal follows suit. He said that they must scrutinize the backgrounds of each of the candidates. He urges them not to entrust their future in the hands of thieves. Then Macalintal turns to Marcos. Former Quezon congressman Erin Tañada also shares his failures to pass the bar examinations twice before passing it on his 3rd try. Tañada said the students should vote for candidates who have integrity. Then lashes on Marcos all the same.

Leni Robredo’s Bitchiness

The Vice President who faces an electoral protest by Marcos’ brother, Bongbong Marcos alludes to the eldest daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos for not engaging in senatorial debate to address the issue. What’s worse is the others can really continuously lie…Just like about her studies in UP and Princeton, there were lies, right?, Robredo confirms. Marcos declares she graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Law and earned a master’s degree in religion and politics from Princeton University in the United States. But both universities have debunked Marcos’ claims about her educational credentials. This is despite visual evidence and testimonies of her batch mates.

Debate Challenge

The temporary Vice President zeroes in on Marcos and other administration-backed senatorial candidates from Hugpong ng Pagbabago party for not joining televised debates. In her radio show, Robredo said the HNP candidates should let the people know where they stand on policies and issues through a public debate. Our candidates and the others join, but they don’t come, especially those who are okay in the survey. So how would the people know the issues against them or their beliefs where they stand, what they feel about issues? she asked.

Just for Media Mileage

Senatorial candidates of the opposition slate Otso Diretso are challenging administration bets to a debate to gain publicity, Malacañang said. Presidential spokesman, Salvador Panelo said that the administration candidates did not accept the challenge because they did not want to give their opponents media mileage. “I can understand that those from the other side, they want to debate because it would give them publicity. The administration candidates did not want to give their rivals publicity,” Panelo said in an interview.

Atty. Bruce Rivera’s Defense

Atty. Rivera is not surprised with the missing record any other way because they do happen in the Philippines and elsewhere depending on the authority at the time. He just explains the logic of why would Marcos claim that she qualified – just to be humiliated in her political career? The fact that she has been governor of Ilocos Norte. She was also its congresswoman for the longest time when both the Romuadez and Marcos name were a curse. Marcos is indeed very successful without becoming much of a scandal like Robredo, Rivera insinuates.

7 thoughts on “Atty. Bruce Rivera to Robredo: Unfair UP and Princeton Treatments to Imee Marcos Made Her More Successful

  1. Nkakatakot ang galawang dilawan…puro paninira ang alam naku s mga kapwa ko Filipino lalo na s mga d nkapagtapos ng pag aaral bk d kau tulungan ng mga kandidatong yan pag wala kaung maipakitang diploma s knila…mag isip isip na kau ngaun kng dapat pb n iboto ang ganyang mga pulitiko ano nb ang napatunayan nila c Manang Imee Marcos andami n nyang napatunayan kng saan sya naglilingkod e ang otso deretso kuno ano cla ung mga diploma nla???

  2. I don’t care if Imee Marcos did or did not have UP and Princeton University diploma. I will still vote for her even if she has Barangay High school diploma. Imee Marcos had proven Outstanding Governance sa Ilocos Norte. That is more than good enough for me.

    1. Ako kahit siya ay No Rids no Ride Iboboto ko parin siya I love her!!!!! Mamatay lahat na Abnoy!!!

  3. We❤Imee Marcos whatever!

  4. whatever…marcos forever and ever!!!!b

  5. Our beloved Gov. Imee Marcos have been a good servant in our counyry eversince. She successfully done many achievement as a public servant proven for many years and she was Awarded Outstanding Governance in Ilocos. She deserve to be the no1 in the senate. I will vote Her as a #1 Senator this coming election. My family and my entire family circle will vote for her as our no. 1 senator.

  6. Ano man sabihin ng mga Dilawan na yan ay wala akong paki alam. Solid Marcos pa rin ako at ang buong bmilya ko. Go Go Go lang, madam Imee! Suportado ka ng taong bayan! Kayong mga dilaean at Otso Diretso! Kalma lang kayo, sigurado Otso Diretso ang political carrer nyo sa basurahan…!

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