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Atty. Glenn Chong’s Election Fraud Documentation Detailed in a Website after Facebook Suppression

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong who is the most vocal witness of the Senate election fraud hearing is not the only whistleblower of such poll anomalies since former President Noynoy Aquino’s time in 2010. However, people can relate to him as a credible politician because of his technical knowledge as an IT and election law expert. He also has the charm and intellect to garner supporters through social media. Despite the recent Facebook suppression, Chong manages to bring his fight to a wider audience using the organic traffic technique of websites. z

YouTube video byAng Malayang Pilipino

[VIDEO]: “PCOS FRAUD” – Baliktanaw sa 2015 Documentary ni Atty. Glenn Chong

Aquino’s Role in the Election Manipulation

Chong’s documentation coincides with the stories of another witness who said that the main beneficiary of the massive election cheating in 2010 is Aquino himself. The worst part is that the government has to shell out at least 1 billion pesos expenses for its continuous operation in favor of his party that the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo now leads.

Mafia-Like Control

It is evident that most of Atty. Chong’s revelations are not in the news of the mainstream media. He resorts to Facebook to educate the people about the opposition’s crime against the people’s will. Nevertheless, the platform now leans towards supporting the anti-administration stalwarts. It blocks posts that are pro-Du30, Marcos, and Chong. This is the reason why the relevant documentation of Chong is already featured on a website that captures organic traffic.

Organic Website Traffic

Websites that generate high traffic rate need not be promoted via social media. They come out through Google searches using keywords. This means that the information they cover can have a wider audience worldwide regardless of their political affiliations. Once the main website is linked with other platforms, the distribution of the details is massive.

Public Confidence is with Chong

The automated election has lost its credibility because of the noise created by Atty. Chong. Therefore, it only makes sense that the government can gain back its edge by involving the lawyer in the management of Comelec should it wishes to continue the existing digital election system. At the moment, Chong runs for Senator in the hope that he could instill his clean election advocacy better when he is in the position to do so.

Nothing can Suppress the Truth

Facebook is just a platform – one of the websites per se. Passion, talent, and determination can’t die because of one mere technology system. Yet, the educational campaign of Chong can reach greater heights. In the end, FB suppression is the opposition’s biggest mistake.

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