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Automated Election Using PCOS Machine


By: Elena Grace Flores

pcos_machine (Photo credit: chardinet)

The recent election in the Philippines seems to be more orderly and results are faster despite some minor glitches involving the PCOS machine used. Although some people preferred the manual process  because of slow but visible one by one counting of votes, many voters are quite satisfied with how fast voting can be done with this technology. Credibility wise, final reports on the results will be verified first by one election body with the other – to see if they are similar and no discrepancies whatsoever. Candidates can also request for manual counting if irregularities are observed. Here’s the demonstration of the PCOS machine system  just in case you’re wondering how it works:

PCOS Automated Election Machine Demo

Posted at Youtube by: Jc Sobredo

It’s a fact that it’s quite hard for a lot of voters to get used to with the automated voting procedure – but I guess, it’s about time to embrace this new change with the aid of technology. It saves a lot of time and cheating will be so obvious if there’s any. As far as the technical problems are concerned, the provider can always re-configure the designed program to avoid such interruptions as reported by GMA News:

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  1. Electronic voting machines were introduced in India around 20 years back and so far it’s successful. However there were instances of misusing Electronic Voting Machines too. But from the demo it looks different from the Electronic Voting System from here. Hopefully it’ll provide a cleaner way of bringing right candidates.

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