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Balce Aquino’s account got 750M$ Bangsamoro Bribe?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Straight from the Binay headquarters, my visitor cannot believe the information he got; Binay was called by Pnoy to discuss if there’s a way not to let Bongbong Marcos win as his Vice President. We know that the Aquinos and Marcoses are fueding families – but why is the big stir?

The rumor is now spreading that there’s already a proof that the alleged 750M US$ down payment by the Malaysian government should the Bangsamoro Agreement pushes through – was actually sent through Balce Aquino’s account. This was part of the 1B US$ negotiated by a Sultan from Malaysia.

It has been remembered that Senators Bongbong Aquino and Juan Ponce Enrile were strongly oppossing the Bangsamoro version of the Aquino administration. Instead, Bongbong Marcos is willing to present a better option but was not yet given the chance. Could this possible “sell out” move by Malaysia through the Bangsamoro Law be another addition to the 36 cases of plunder answerable by Pnoy when his term ends?


Manila Live Wire:

2 thoughts on “Balce Aquino’s account got 750M$ Bangsamoro Bribe?

  1. How come Marcos and Enrile is the problem? Very Elementary thinking that Congress didn’t yet approved the Bill, before submission or elevated to Senate, Mangmang/Bobo talaga yang mga gunggong na mga Opisyal na yan…ibig sabihin walang naniniwala na Congressman kay Pinoy, ganu kadaling intindihin yun…

    1. He could have used his executive powers to have it approved – but no guts to face the senate perhaps?

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