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Bam Aquino Case: Politicizing the Dead can Boomerang on One’s Face

Bam Aquino

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

Is Bam Aquino politicizing the death of Noynoy Aquino?
It is said that 2022 is a bad time for the Liberal Party candidates. Bam Aquino did not make it during the last elections. The former senator is a bit tactless in saying that the country’s present problems particularly the South China Sea contribute to the death of ex-president Noynoy Aquino. The long-time driver of the late Pnoy said that he was already weak a few days before his death due to an illness.

Doubtful Concern Over the Dead

Netizens are doubtful on the concern of Bam Aquino to the dead former leader. It is said that eversince ex-Pnoy was sick, the other Aquino never had the chance to visit him. So, his opinions were purely speculations. A kind of strategy to destroy the current administration but to no avail.

What Goes Around Comes Around

As a single man, the dead ex-president died without a relative around. He was left by his night shift staff and found the same way by the driver that morning. This leads to some doubtful minds to think that he was left to die. But no family members want that to happen. Just the kind of lifestyle the former leader had. Aspirants for the 2022 elections should not capitalize on his death because it can only boomerang to them. Just like in the case of Bam Aquino.

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