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Basic but Essential WordPress Know-how

By: Elena Grace Flores

Personalizando WordPress 1.5

There are lots of expert authors over the web who are giving off their knowledge for free to readers and viewers online. Despite earning some advertising royalties, they are still literally complimentary to people who are interested in them. I find it amazing that this author will go to this extent just to share his knowledge in WordPress administration. View the informative and helpful videos here:

A Gift for All My Readers –WPStarters Videos

By: Bob Dunn

For more than two years, I have provided a video resources to help people get started in WordPress. I called them WPStarters. Initially I sold them on their own site and had fairly good success with them. But as you may know, there are tons of WordPress video tutorials out there. So how does one stand out in the crowd?

Well done and thank you very much. This is a big help for individuals who are planning to learn te basics of web developing. I  just wish that I came across with these videos when I was learning them myself. To all soon to be WordPress users, there will be no more excuses as to why you can’t start learning how to use WP efficiently.  Have fun and start earning your dollars now through Website Development using WordPress!

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