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BBM Agrees with the Kakampinks’ Pink Color Claim


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH

The Kakampinks’ Pink Color Claim

The Kakampinks claim that real men wear pink. This is an old-time saying and BBM agrees with it. In fact, he wears it often. Not to prove his masculinity, of course. But it suits his skin stone.

The Origin of the Name BBM

The abbreviation of his name originated from the times he was in office. He’s always called BBM or SBBM during senatorial days. When asked about what he possibly got from his mother, he answered none. He denies having any fondness in collecting shoes or any luxurious artworks.

Campaign Incidents

Bongbong Marcos cannot deny that he’s been hurt in campaigns. His arm was pinched pulled and twisted. He also lost weight during the hectic series of campaigns. But he swears to complete the 90-day period rather than attending debates or interviews. Most of the programs he was in were well-selected.

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