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BBM: Don’t Waste your Privilege as a Filipino


By: Elena Grace Flores

by Bongbong Marcos

The Privilege of Filipinos in the Digital Age
BBM or Bongbong Marcos calls on the public to support small and medium enterprises. This brings back the need to have a more concrete digital infrastructure. Education itself relies on it now. People may hate him all they want but he is needed to finally provide the privilege Filipinos deserve. He is the hope for the progress of the nation. The Marcos foundation wealth for one.

Looking on the Longer Term

In a longrun, the digital infrastructure is crucial. Almost everything under the sun needs it. Covid-19 contract tracing, businesses, and others. This is on top of education. These can only function well in the digital economy if it is sufficient enough for everyone to access.

Vaccination Card

Government records must be centralized. Take the case of the vaccination cards. Cards from the LGUs can’t be accepted in other countries if they do not bear the national insignia. Like in Hongkong. Therefore, the digital infrastructure is crucial for the nation’s progress, and BBM is the hope to implement it well. Not voting for him is a waste.

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