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BBM Explains Government Duty after Media Fuels Dominguez-Marcos Rift


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Food Security | Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos’ Take

BBM’s blog answers the media frenzy on Dominguez-Marcos rift with regards of the Masagana 99 success: Ensuring that people have enough food is essential in the midst of any disaster. Let us not risk this but give the agricultural sector ample support. Let’s not worry about spending because it’s also the foundation of a stable economy. It is a vibrant and edifying Filipino workforce. We will always remember that the government’s job is to help the people. Not the income earners. Thank you very much.

Food Security

The pandemic has shown Filipinos that each locality must be sufficient with food supply. Imports must not be the major alternative for a shortage. This is contrary to Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez’s views. The important thing is to be able to survive despite the lack of or no import activities in times of disasters. The price could be higher. However, that would mean a lifetime supply regardless of the impossibility of outside sources.

Government Responsibility

Bongbong Marcos also defends his sister by saying that the success of his father’s agriculture project was not in terms of profits. The government has the duty to supply to the people. It also has to equip them with methods that results to self-sufficiency. This came after right after media reports fueled the disagreements of the Finance Minister and Senator Imee Marcos.

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1 thought on “BBM Explains Government Duty after Media Fuels Dominguez-Marcos Rift

  1. Napakaganda po ng nais nyong mangyari sa bansa natin yong food security na programa pa noon ng pangulong marcos,nawa ito po ay maisakatuparan pagdating ng panahon na kayo na po ang maging pangulo ng ating bansa…dalangin namin yan sa Panginoon na makabalik na ang tatak marcos na paglilingkod…hihintayin po namin kayo.
    Frederick uzon nicolas

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