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BBM Explains his Leadership Goals while Rival Starts with Lies and Deceit!


By: Elena Grace Flores
Erwin Tulfo

Robredo’s Lies and Deceit
Bongbong Marcos is face-off again with his staunch rival in 2016. She announces her candidacy with lies and deceit to destroy Marcos. However, Marcos refuses to answer the same old questions. He said, his answers remain the same. So, it is best to talk about how to solve the country’s problems going forward. His leadership goals are for the benefit of the people. Not just to beat or block someone.

Robredo Files her COC

Outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo finally files her candidacy. This is one day after Bongbong Marcos did his. She already said earlier that she will run to block Marcos from the presidency. The same old narrative as in 2016. However, the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos already enjoys an expanding base. This is because of the good leadership example.

Leadership with a Heart

Listening to the political platforms of both, it is clear that one is full of hatred. Whereas, Bongbong Marcos never put a grudge in his heart. All he wants to do is to lead Filipinos to rise up and be progressive again. Under his leadership, the Philippines will definitely be great again!

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