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BBM: Hazard Pay for Health Workers as per SRA Must be Paid ASAP

Hazard Pay

By: Elena Grace Flores
by BBM Youth Channel

BBM: The Hazard Pay for Health Workers is a Must
Bongbong Marcos stresses that there will be no rallies if health workers are paid according to what they are entitled of. The hazard pay is also regulated by the SRA or Solicitors Regulation Authority. It is one of the many regulatory bodies within the legal profession.

They are Not Just Health Workers

One does not become a health worker for nothing. They have the passion for their jobs. It is hurtful for them to leave their patients. Just to express their sentiments through demonstrations. They are not just health workers. All of them have families too, said Marcos. The hazard pay is essential for their survival, he added.

Pay the Hazard Pay ASAP

Essential workers for the economy like the teachers must already have the vaccine. On top of the hazard pay of health workers, all front liners in all critical areas must be protected from the virus. Bongbong Marcos is still running for the executive office this 2022 despite the difficulties. He genuinely wants to help. He also warns people to be more careful of the Delta variant. It also infects the younger ones.

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