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BBM is Eager to Solve the Country’s Problems


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: 2022 presidential race, Not ‘BBM vs VP Leni’

Not BBM vs. Leni

BBM said in Kapihan sa Manila Bay that the 2022 elections is not about Bongbong Marcos vs. VP Leni Robredo like in 2016. As far as he knows, his electoral protest is already over the moment he ran for president. The May 9, 2022 elections is vital for the Philippines. The people should choose the one who could solve the problems of the country.

No Politicking

With regards to the estate tax of the Marcoses is concerned, BBM said that there are many details that are not facts. Many of those are fake news. They leave it to the lawyers. Whatever the verdict is, he would do. There’s no point fighting with other candidates. It’s time to unite and work together.

Start Working

Political races should last only until May 9. As soon as the election is over, the winners must start working. This is to alleviate the people’s situation from the pandemic. No time must be wasted, added BBM.

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